Friday, August 21, 2009

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Eating in cafe 1

My class of us!haha!! after eat den sleep.

At cafe 1 as usual...after eating..nothing to i took picture using my phone..haha...

A fun day with my ite bro's

!!! =) !!!
hell yeah man!! Husaini and Far East...

I will see myself the way out

when i found my first love, i thought heaven sent an angel to me.
i fell in love with you, no one but you.
but when everything starts to fall apart,
i realise that a thing that once brought me such joy,
brought me the same dose of pain too.
at that moment, my only wish is that my heart could be numb,
numb to feel the pain of losing love.
then i realise that broken hearts and broken dreams are juz some things love delivers.
still, i constantly rant to myself 'i won't cry again, i won't break down again.
the next one will be better, the next one i will make it last.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I have to face it by myself

life is so bored after the accident....
i cant walk.
i cant eat.
so bored at home...
miss my school..
more visitors.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

One whole day at Singapore General Hospital

I wake up in the morning....go n shower.....den proceed to school.....
That day in school got phase im totally nt prepared at who cares...step in the classroom...den on the computer n do my test...
after test....i went back home straight away to change cause i have to go to the hospital to meet Haizzel n Nizzar..

So when i reach home..i go n bathe again..den get ready n get out of the i proceed to haizzel's place to pick his younger brother(Hazzif) along wif me to the hospital.When we took the train..Hazzif was very excited just because he NVR took the SMRT train before in his whole 12 years..haha...sorry zif...

When i reach there, i saw haizzel and nizzar's face was very i ask them to go down wif me to the cheers n buy when we reach there..instead of we buy water..guest wat we buy......haha....we buy 2 cartons of beer and some ciggies....(ciggarettes)..haha...

Den afternoon Helmi met us at the hospital.He shows his pervertic face every time when he met us...haha...sorry mii no hard feelings...

Den we spent our adventures day till at night ard 11pm..insulting people and making fun of people names n appearance....hahaha...

ok tats all.....i'll upload the pics soon....

Khai signing out....